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The General Director Message

Respected industrialists and gentlemen,,,

Through our past years, we have endeavored to develop the system of services provided to the industrial sector and to develop new programs and services that are appropriate to the level of our sector, and chart a path towards new horizons of development and prosperity. All the details pertaining to these services and mechanisms are included in this report.

Today, we are proud of our national industry and its advanced level, which has enabled it to enter more than 140 markets around the world and compete with the most prominent countries worldwide, based on international quality and specifications. We seek to be proactive in providing more and more quality services to increase the competitiveness of our Jordanian industry further and face all the circumstances and challenges that it is going through up to embodying the vision of the Jordan Chamber of Industry on the ground "the strongest representative of the private sector in Jordan" in cooperation with the local chambers In Amman, Al-Zarqa, Irbid, and various partners.

The industrial sector, which constitutes a basic pillar of the Jordanian economy needs continuous support in order to be able to overcome the obstacles hindering its growth process, and perhaps the most prominent challenges facing Jordanian industry lie in axes; Energy and costs, exports, penetration of unconventional markets, our presence in traditional markets, and challenges and sustainability of industrial investment.

The browser on the sides of the new website of the Chamber will touch the focus on the services of these three axes through dedicating integrated platforms for each of the exports, energy and investment reflecting the size and level of services that have been and will be done in the future through them.

Our industrial brothers, we are fully aware in the Jordan Chamber of Industry based on the directives of the Board of Directors that development and change come only through concerted efforts and your support and faith in us, so our one voice guarantees a future for growth and prosperity

Ishaq Al-arabiyat 
General Director