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The Therapeutic Industries and Medical Supplies Sector

His Excellency Dr. Fadi Alatrash

 Representative of theCurative Industries and Medical Supplies Sector

+962 7 9909 0216

"The commitment of the sector's products to international specifications and standards is the guarantee to reach the highest level of global competitive advantage."

Number of Establishments
Number of Workers
Total capital (Million JD)

This sector is one of the largest Jordanian industrial sectors and one of the main pillars of the national economy with its active contribution to the gross domestic product and total national exports. This sector is one of the pioneering sectors that started manufacturing in the early sixties and continued with the distinguished products to become a symbol of the national industry. Jordan is considered a competitive regional center for manufacturing and selling medical products and medical supplies as most of the production of local companies is exported to the Middle East countries and the Arab world in particular due to its high quality and compliance with the best international standards and specifications.

According to the decision of the esteemed cabinet that approved the industrial sectors and identified the sub-sectors, the therapeutic industries and medical supplies sector covers the following sub-sectors: medical and therapeutic materials, medicines, natural medical materials and preparations, medical and therapeutic disinfectants, laboratory reagents, medical devices and supplies, optical and audio devices and dental supplies, medical consumables in addition to any similar industries within this sector.
The number of establishments operating in the sector registered in the three industrial chambers (Amman, Al-Zarqa, Irbid) during 2019 amounted to 130 establishments compared to the number registered during 2018 which amounted to 127 establishments achieving a growth of 2.4%.
The registered capital of establishments operating in the sector by the end of 2019 was about 288.1 million Jordanian Dinars distributed by 279.7 million Jordanian Dinars for institutions classified as industrial establishments and about 8.4 million Jordanian Dinars for institutions classified as craft facilities.
The number of workers in establishments operating in the sector and registered in the three industrial chambers reached 9,297 workers by the end of 2019.
According to the certificates of origin issued by the local industrial chambers during 2019, the therapeutic and medical supplies sector accounted for 11.3% of the total industrial exports occupying the fourth rank in the export volume as its export volume reached about 695.6 million Jordanian Dinars at the end of 2019 compared to about 650.5 Million Jordanian Dinars during 2018 registering an increase of 6.9%. The most important export markets for the sector are Arab countries such as Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Sudan, Lebanon, Libya, the United Arab Emirates, Yemen and Egypt in addition to the United States market, Ukraine and South Africa.

Sector Technical Eng.
Osama Ryan
Phone: 0096264642649 ext. 577
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